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Do you remember the time before streaming video? Do you ever miss those long isles of alphabetized DVD rentals? Streaming rocks, but imagine if we had to google every video we want to watch?

Netflix, Hulu and Prime Video is what makes streaming videos truly viable. Having aggregate platforms and licensing agreements makes sense - for the studios and for the viewers. But, when it comes to providing services (as an entrepreneur) to higher education, we are still on our own - navigating the vast seas of opportunities in our own rickety boats.

For Collaborators
education professional

So, why don’t we change that!

We are looking to grow our network of like-minded individuals and support each other in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

Are you an experienced instructional designer, faculty developer, librarian or a higher education professional with any other role related to teaching and learning? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur in higher education teaching and learning? Or, perhaps you are an established higher education consultant looking to increase the awareness and reach of your services?

Wherever you are in your efforts, we would like to hear from you and see how we can collaborate, mentor, promote and support each other.

Ways to collaborate


Sell your services or courses through ATTECS on commission

*licensing agreements apply


Publish your free courses on our platform at no cost to you to promote your own brand.


Promote your free content through our blog


Promote your brand and your products through our guides and tutorials


Ask us about establishing mutual affiliate relationships


Sign up for coaching and/or join our still young but growing community

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