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Do you struggle with the complexities of launching cutting-edge continuing professional education programs, raising the visibility of your departments, and strengthening your connections with industry partners?

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We recognize the unique pressures faced by institutions just like yours, from the rigors of maintaining academic integrity and innovation in course content, to navigating the technicalities of online education platforms, and fostering effective student engagement. Our strategic approach integrates seamlessly with your existing capabilities, enhancing your institution’s profile and expediting the launch of your programs to meet the exacting standards of today’s professional and academic environments.

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By collaborating with us, you’ll gain access to expertise and tailored strategies to enhance your educational programs without the constraints of revenue-sharing models typical of Online Program Management (OPM) providers. We focus solely on providing direct support and strategic insights to streamline program launches, elevate your institution’s profile, and strengthen industry partnerships. Our team will work closely with you to develop solutions that cater specifically to your needs, ensuring successful outcomes and impactful collaborations. Together, we’ll transform challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation, fostering advancement with clarity and integrity.

From Vision...

We recognize the intricate challenges faced by higher education departments in launching continuing professional education programs.

Crafting engaging content, reaching a broad and dispersed audience, and integrating advanced digital platforms are daunting tasks. Raising your department’s profile and securing more funding hinges on these successful launches, while effectively engaging industry partners remains a key obstacle. These issues often trap departments in endless cycles of planning and troubleshooting, hindering the full utilization of their capabilities and the achievement of significant, transformative impacts.

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...To Realization

By collaborating with us, your department or group can swiftly and efficiently transform the launch of professional continuing education programs from a complex challenge into a streamlined success.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that you can quickly and effectively launch programs that exceed academic and professional expectations, enhancing your profile and expanding your impact in your educational and industry sectors.

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Revolutionizing Program Launches in Higher Education

Bid farewell to the stress and complexity of launching continuing education programs. We understand the significant hurdles higher education institutions face—from crafting cutting-edge content and engaging a widely dispersed audience to implementing advanced technological platforms for seamless course delivery.

As a seasoned team specializing in instructional design and e-learning development, we have empowered numerous institutions to enhance their program offerings. Our approach integrates comprehensive solutions that streamline every aspect of the launch process. From the initial concept to the final rollout, we create learning experiences that resonate with adult learners and adhere to rigorous professional and academic standards. Our expertise in technology integration ensures that educational programs are not only accessible but also engaging, providing a seamless learning experience that surpasses the expectations of today’s ambitious learners.

By collaborating with us, institutions can swiftly and effectively launch their educational programs, enhance their visibility, and forge strong connections with industry partners.

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Reach out to us to discuss how we can leverage your department’s unique capabilities and the expertise of your faculty to elevate your educational programs.



Together, we’ll collaborate closely, channeling our combined expertise to enhance your educational impact and realize your department’s strategic objectives.



It’s time to shine! We’ll execute the rollout of your program, turning your goals into tangible successes.

Kind words from clients

Ella Epshteyn


After years in higher education, I valued collaborative cultures and global networks in teaching and learning forums. Observing a need for flexible work opporuntities, I founded ATTECS in 2019, leaving a prestigious university job. 

ATTECS focuses on education technology consulting, instructional design, and professional development, aiming to match individuals with projects effectively. 

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Course + Program Creation

Our Course and Program Creation service leverages the expertise of your world-class faculty to transform educational ambitions into impactful realities. 

We meticulously align course content with desired learning outcomes, catering to the diverse needs of your student body while meeting rigorous academic and professional standards. Whether delivered online, in-person, or through a hybrid format, we customize each course to reflect your group’s unique vision and pedagogical strategies.

Our method incorporates advanced multimedia production and interactive learning elements, transforming traditional, passive education models into dynamic, engaging experiences. By utilizing the vast knowledge and expertise within your faculty, we help create exceptional educational content that sets your department apart.

Strategic Educational Initiatives

Launching new programs, especially in continuing and professional education, requires a nuanced approach. Our expertise in academic planning and market analysis ensures your new initiatives meet both educational standards and market demands.

We advise you on building strategic partnerships with the industry partners. We help with the planning, proposal writing and communication to secure these partnerships.

From program conception to launch, we’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your offerings not only meet but exceed the expectations of today’s ambitious learners.

Technology Infrastructure and Support

In today’s digital age, integrating technology into education is non-negotiable. We assist in selecting and implementing the right educational technologies to enhance learning and teaching. 

We work with institutional tools and support services when appropriate. We help close the gaps between what’s available and the needs of the new program. 

Our support extends beyond implementation, ensuring faculty and students are proficient in leveraging these tools for an improved educational experience.

Faculty + Student Support

Our comprehensive faculty support includes professional development, instructional design assistance, and technology training to ensure educators are equipped to deliver high-quality teaching.

Our student support includes anything from registration support, to reminders to submit missing homework.