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In today’s fast-paced environment, maintaining a workforce that is not only skilled but also at the forefront of industry trends is more crucial than ever. 

Many organizations encounter significant challenges in achieving this through or via internal training programs that often lack engagement and effectiveness. Additionally, there is a growing necessity to project thought leadership and influence industry standards externally through high-impact educational offerings.

These dual objectives require organizations to reassess and innovate their educational strategies to ensure they deliver training that is both effective internally and influential externally. This balance is vital not only for enhancing the capabilities and productivity of the workforce but also for cementing an organization’s reputation as a leader in its field, attracting top talent, and setting industry trends.

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Envision, instead...

… your organization is not only consistently developing your workforce but is also offering external educational programs that set industry standards.

With our expertise, your focus can shift to driving industry innovation and leadership, confident that both your internal and external educational offerings are engaging, effective, and reflective of your industry authority.

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to transforming your educational impact

to transforming your educational impact

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Say goodbye to outdated training methods and embrace a strategic educational approach that elevates your position as an industry leader. We design both internal workforce training and external educational programs to be informative, transformative, and perfectly aligned with industry-leading standards. This ensures that every learning initiative not only educates but also drives significant industry and organizational change.

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Discuss how our tailored solutions can not only enhance your workforce but also assert your position as a thought leader in your industry.



We dive into your specific needs to enhance your educational strategies, delivering comprehensive learning that go above and beyond traditional training.



Launch your training and educational programs, showcasing your organization as a pinnacle of innovation and excellence.

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Ella Epshteyn


After years in higher education, I valued collaborative cultures and global networks in teaching and learning forums. Observing a need for flexible work opporuntities, I founded ATTECS in 2019, leaving a prestigious university job. 

ATTECS focuses on education technology consulting, instructional design, and professional development, aiming to match individuals with projects effectively. 

With ATTECS, transcend traditional corporate training to foster a culture of continuous learning and definitive industry leadership. Are you ready to make a profound impact with the backing of our expert team? Let’s transform your training and educational aspirations into landmark achievements that drive your industry forward.

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Training and Educational Program Development

Our Training and Educational Program Development service is designed to turn your strategic objectives into tangible outcomes, guiding you through the development process with precision and creativity.

Whether you’re a corporate entity looking to boost employee performance or a non-profit aiming to educate and empower your community, we tailor your programs to address specific competencies and goals, ensuring alignment with your organizational or community needs.

The ideal format—be it e-learning, instructor-led, or blended—is chosen to match your content and learning preferences.

We enhance participant engagement through interactive simulations and multimedia, turning learners into active contributors.

By fostering an environment of continuous learning and celebrating milestones with certifications, we amplify the impact of your programs.

Program Deployment Support

Deploying your training or educational programs should be a smooth and confident transition.

Our full-service deployment support covers everything from creating and managing comprehensive implementation plans to technical setup and ongoing support, ensuring your rollout is as seamless as it is effective.

We assist with platform integration and provide thorough support, design and implement effective learning paths, and work alongside your HR, training departments, or community program coordinators every step of the way. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Performance and Impact Monitoring

Maximize the effectiveness of your training or educational programs with our strategic performance and impact monitoring support.

We set up metrics and feedback systems to assess the impact of your programs, tailor continuous improvement strategies that resonate with your organizational or community objectives, and create actionable insights to sustain engagement and boost performance.

Our approach is designed not just to measure but to enhance engagement and application of learned skills, ensuring your efforts yield tangible improvements.

Learner Engagement and Support

Our approach to learner support is comprehensive, ensuring that every participant feels equipped and motivated throughout their educational journey.

We provide administrative support for seamless enrollments and program management, alongside technical support for navigating learning platforms and resources.

Our inclusion services ensure that all participants, regardless of their learning styles or needs, have full access to your materials. Furthermore, we enhance learning through interactive forums, live Q&A sessions, and peer collaboration, fostering a dynamic learning environment that encourages deep engagement and facilitates continuous development based on feedback.