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Are you ready to go from overwhelmed and uncertain, burdened by the daunting tasks of course creation, launch intricacies, and marketing strategies, to empowered and confident, with a clear path to success?

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We understand the frustration and exhaustion that comes from trying to juggle content development, technical setup, and effective student engagement — all while aiming to make a significant impact and generate substantial income. This struggle can leave you feeling like you’re constantly running in place, unable to leverage your true potential or make the difference you envisioned. 

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Waking up each day energized and focused, knowing that every aspect of your course launch is being expertly managed, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: inspiring and educating your audience. With us by your side, experience the transformation from stressed and spread thin to relaxed and fully in your zone of genius, making your dream launches and impactful teaching a beautiful reality.

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to revolutionize your course creation and launch…

to revolutionize your course creation and launch...

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Bid farewell to the days of stress and second-guessing. We’ve witnessed the challenges consultants and entrepreneurs just like you face when they shoulder the burden of their dreams alone (or with a small but dedicated team behind them).

The endless nights, the deep dives into research, the wrestling with course content, the “technical difficulties,” and those Ben and Jerry’s breakdowns — compounded by the nagging doubt about whether your launch strategy will even resonate or reach your target audience. We believe no one should have to endure that.

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Your Triple "Treat" Team for Course Success!

Meet your dynamic trio! Together, we form a powerhouse team with a shared mission to revolutionize the world of online education and course creation. Our diverse expertise in course development, marketing, operations, and tech mastery makes us the ultimate partner for entrepreneurs and educators aiming to elevate their impact and income.

As a collective of seasoned online course development experts and launch strategists, we’ve elevated dozens of clients at every stage of their course development and launch journey. Our expertise spans from the intricate process of course creation to the strategic execution of your launch, ensuring that every element is aligned for impact. We focus on crafting impactful course content and enhancing student engagement, alongside managing the intricacies of your course launch, to ensure not just a successful start but a lasting legacy.

Ella Ephsteyn, EDD

The Course Development Maestro

Ashley Harrison, OBM and DOO

The Marketing and Operations Virtuoso

Alex Bizley

The Tech and Launch Conductor

With our combined strengths in course development, marketing, tech, and project management, we’re not just helping you launch a course; we’re creating legacies, one course at a time. Ready to make your mark with the support of our triple threat? Let’s bring your vision to life.

Course Creation

Our Course Creation service transforms your vision into reality, seamlessly guiding you through course development with precision and creativity. 

We refine your vision, targeting your audience with specific topics and objectives to ensure alignment with learner needs. The ideal course format—be it self-paced, synchronous, or hybrid—is chosen to match your content and teaching style. 

We enhance engagement through strategic video production and interactive media, turning learners into active participants. By fostering a vibrant community and celebrating achievements with assessments and certificates, we amplify the impact of your course.

Launch Support

Launching your course should be exhilarating, not overwhelming. Our full-service launch support covers everything from the creation and management of comprehensive project plans to the technical setup and support, ensuring your launch is as smooth as it is successful. 

We assist with webinar setup and provide thorough support, design and implement effective course funnels, and work alongside you or your team every step of the way. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

Marketing Support

Amplify your course’s reach with our strategic marketing support. We craft full marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience, set up comprehensive email funnels to nurture leads, and create compelling marketing copy that converts. 

Our approach is designed to not just attract attention but to sustain engagement, building anticipation and excitement for your course launch. With our expertise, your course will not only capture the imagination of potential students but also inspire them to take the leap into a transformative learning experience.

Student Support and Engagement

Our approach to student support and engagement is holistic, ensuring that every learner feels equipped and motivated throughout their educational journey. We provide administration support for seamless registrations and course management, alongside technical support for navigating course platforms and resources. 

Our accessibility services ensure that every student, regardless of ability, has full access to your course materials. Furthermore, we amplify learning through interactive group projects, discussions, and peer review sessions, fostering a dynamic learning community that encourages deep engagement and facilitates continuous instructor improvement based on student feedback.

Discovery Call Access

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Ella Ephsteyn, EDD

The Course Development Maestro

With a rich background in higher education and instructional design, Ella brings to the table a profound expertise in course development and design. Her journey from creating transformative educational experiences at prestigious universities to founding ATTECS is fueled by a passion for fostering collaborative teaching and learning cultures. Ella’s vision is to leverage her extensive experience to develop engaging, impactful courses that not only educate but inspire learners worldwide.

Ashley Harrison, Certified OBM and DOO

The Marketing and Operations Virtuoso

Ashley, hailing from Toronto, is the operations and marketing genius with over 15 years of experience managing multi-million dollar projects for some of Canada’s largest retailers. As an Online Business Manager and Director of Operations, she’s the to-do list queen who smooths out the operational and marketing kinks, enabling entrepreneurs to focus on their passion. Her expertise in behind-the-scenes planning, communication, and strategy has propelled CEOs and businesses from inception to success, making her an indispensable asset to any project.

Alex Bizley

The Tech and Launch Conductor

Alex, our tech wizard and project management aficionado, has turned her passion for all things tech into a career that helps businesses bring time and efficiency back into their lives. Graduating with a honours degree and a specialized certificate in Social Media Marketing, Alex has dived deep into the world of Online Business Management since 2019. Her role as the ultimate “right-hand woman” comes from her dedication to guiding businesses through the digital landscape with ease, focusing on the nitty-gritty of tech and launch strategies to ensure smooth and successful course rollouts.