Teaching and Learning Books

Teaching and Learning Books

Looking for an Instructional Design or Teaching Related Book?

We have listed great books, often used for book clubs that you should read!

Many great books are available on topics as broad as teaching, down to using specific tools to enhance student engagement. In the list below, you will find a variety of books that are not just a great read but will enhance your teaching skills and perhaps give you some ideas on using new tools!

  • Design for How People Learn, by Julie Dirksen


  • Excellent Online Teaching, by Aaron Johnson


  • Online Teaching with Zoom, by Aaron Johnson


  • Small Teaching Online, by Flower Darby


  • What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer, by Dr. Luke Hobson 


  • Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities in Higher Education: A Universal Design Toolkit


  • Reach Everyone, Teach Everyone: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education, by Thomas Tobin



  • Fifty Strategies to Boost Cognitive Engagement: Creating a Thinking Culture in the Classroom, by Rebecca Stobaugh

  • Making Learning-centered Teaching Work, by Phyllis Blumberg


  • Advancing Online Teaching: Creating Equity-Based Digital Learning Environments, by Kevin Kelly and Todd D. Zakrajsek


If you have authored a book or have any suggestions to be added to the list, contact us at info@attecenter.com.  

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