About Course Maps

About Course Maps

by Katherine Baeckeroot

A course map is a blueprint for your course. It is a detailed plan that you can use to guide the creation of your course content and to ensure that all the content you produce is aligned to the learning outcomes that describe what the learner should be able to know, understand, and do after taking the course.

Course maps allow you to:

  • Create modular chunks of content to improve learning
  • Create assessments that directly relate to the course’s learning outcomes
  • Create a course plan that is learner-centered
  • Provide clarity around course content (for you and the learner)

Course maps contain the following information:

Typically, course maps are created in Excel spreadsheets, where the columns represent the competencies, learning outcomes, assessments, and instructional methods.

Course map example

For more information about creating a course map, see Create a Course Map.


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