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Using Generative AI in Course Creation: A Game-Changer for Educators

In the history of teaching and learning technology, few tools have been as transformative as generative artificial intelligence (AI). It is a truly powerful tool that can transform the way courses are created, personalized, and delivered. Not only does AI streamline the development process, but it also enhances the learning experience for students. Let’s talk about how generative AI can be used by course creators.

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Basics of the Student Lifecycle for Continuing Professional Education

Student lifecycle is a framework that outlines the journey of a student from initial contact with an institution through to alumni status. It encompasses several stages, each critical to the development, retention, and satisfaction of students. Let’s dive into the basics of the student lifecycle in the context of continuing professional education.

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The Basics of Preparing your Course for Online Delivery

One of the most common points I emphasize when training faculty to use instructional technology, is that technology matters very little when it comes to quality online instruction. Rather, quality online courses start with solid pedagogy and teaching best practices.

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Learning Outcomes for Quality Course Development

To develop robust learning outcomes, there are a few aspects that must be considered. Learning outcomes are explicit statements describing what learners will be able to do, understand, and apply after completing a course. These outcomes serve as a roadmap for both the instructor and the student, guiding the learning process and assessing its effectiveness.

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