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Our Vision


We utilize the power of professional networks to create a framework for matching people with the right opportunities. For instructional design projects, IT services, specialized consulting and to provide or supplement faculty support services within institutions, ATTECS forms and provides remote teams with the pre-screened sets of skills. And, for professional development, we index, map, promote and facilitate sessions by experienced and established faculty/professional developers.


At ATTECS, we transform educational visions into reality. 

With a dedicated focus on adult learners and the evolving landscape of continuing and professional education, our firm stands at the forefront of instructional design and educational program development. 

We partner with a diverse array of organizations, including colleges, universities, small businesses, non-profits, and more, to deliver tailored solutions that drive success.

Online Course Development and Support

Streamlined Educational Program Launch

Educational Technology and Student Lifecycle Solutions

Why Choose Us?

At ATTECS, we understand that education is not just about information but transformation. Our team of experts collaborates with you every step of the way, ensuring that our solutions not only meet your immediate needs but also pave the way for future growth and success. With a proven track record of enhancing learning outcomes and engagement, we are your partners in creating educational experiences that last a lifetime.

Let’s Build the Future of Education Together: Ready to elevate your educational offerings and make a lasting impact on your learners? Contact us today to discover how we can transform your educational challenges into opportunities for growth and success.


“I want to bring together what I see as one of the most important resources – People. I want to create an environment that is collaborative, rich with expertise and utterly unique.”

Having worked in higher education for most of my career, I have found that collaborative institutional cultures made my work environment a lot more enjoyable than those with siloed missions and autocratic administrative decisions. I was also inspired by the many professional forums in the teaching and learning space. Even when part of a siloed workplace, I was never alone—there was always a vast network of colleagues all over the world, ready to offer answers, and share ideas and resources.

Over the years, as I used multiple listservs, discussion boards, and social media forums, I noticed a few interesting themes…

Higher education institutions were frequently looking for help to supplement existing services on a temporary or part-time basis, perhaps due to a project or an institutional initiative. At the same time, colleagues who were retiring or needed a more flexible work schedule were reporting having a hard time locating such opportunities at the right time.

So, in 2019, I left my full-time job as an instructional designer at a globally recognized prestigious university—a job that came with more than livable wages, healthcare benefits, a retirement account, and heavily discounted future tuition for my children, to start my own company—ATTECS, an independent center for teaching and learning.

Although the core services of ATTECS – educational technology consulting, instructional design, support, and professional development, are primarily aligned with my professional experience, the underlying mission is to create a framework for matching the right people with the right projects at the right time.

Ella Epshteyn

Ella Ephsteyn, EDD

CEO, Principal Consultant, Instructional Designer

Areas of focus: instructional design, project management, technology ecosystems consulting.


The ATTECS team is a dynamic group of instructional design and educational program development professionals, united by a passion for transforming educational visions into tangible realities. 

Specializing in adult learning and the ever-evolving field of continuing and professional education, our experts bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and innovation to every project. 

We collaborate closely with a broad spectrum of partners, ranging from colleges and universities to small businesses and non-profits, offering customized solutions that drive success and foster growth. 

At ATTECS, we are not just a team; we are educators, innovators, and builders dedicated to redefining the landscape of education and empowering learners at every stage of their journey.

Giulia Barbieri

Giulia Barbieri

Instructional Designer

Erin Smith

Erin Smith

Office Manager

Ashley Harrison

Ashley Harrison

Online Business Manager

Alexandra Bizley

Alexandra Bizley

Online Tech Manager

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Online Course Development and Support

Leveraging cutting-edge research and best practices, we craft engaging, outcome-driven course content. Our designs are not just educational pathways but journeys that captivate and inspire, catering specifically to adult learners and their unique needs.

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Streamlined Educational Program Launch

We collaborate with experts to amplify their knowledge through innovative educational programs, from content creation to digital delivery. Our end-to-end support ensures their expertise reaches learners effectively and makes a significant impact. By focusing on innovation, relevance, and market demands, we craft programs that not only meet but exceed expectations, positioning them prominently in the competitive continuing education landscape.

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Educational Technology and Student Lifecycle Solutions

Our consulting services simplify the complex world of educational technology, providing clear guidance on optimal tools and technologies to enrich the learning journey from enrolment to completion. We offer solutions that not only navigate but also enhance the entire student lifecycle, integrating seamlessly with existing systems for a cohesive and engaging educational experience.